Veolia Nuclear Solutions - Federal Services (VNSFS) tackles North America’s nuclear cleanup challenges.

In the United States, Veolia Nuclear Solutions - Federal Services (VNSFS) channels its nuclear capabilities and the Group’s broader water, waste and energy experience and technologies to provide specialized services across the U.S. and Canada.

As a leading partner in facility operations, waste management, infrastructure and technology applications in nuclear and high-hazard environments, VNSFS delivers these capabilities, along with Veolia’s vast resources, to the U.S. Government, and commercial nuclear and Canadian facilities.

  • VNSFS is structured to perform at both DOE and DoD sites. 
  • Current projects and operations at five DOE sites
  • Expanding set of discriminating technologies for waste management & facilities operations
  • Design, analysis, testing and infrastructure services for a wide range of nuclear/industrial applications
  • Demonstrated performance in high-risk environments
  • Advanced engineering and delivery of robotic/remote handling solutions
  • Reach-back capability to all Veolia resources


    VNSFS’ technical representatives are knowledgeable and well-trained, with extensive experience in waste management and treatment. Our team has responded to some of our clients’ most challenging and problematic nuclear cleanup situations.

    For all of our projects, we focus on safely reducing lifecycle costs for waste and water management and facility operations by applying knowledge based on decades of operational experience, leveraging global depth and know-how, building on our technology platforms including 2000+ patents, 350+ liquid technologies, and 200+ specialized robotic systems. 

    Why choose us?

    VNSFS is a company formed to deliver Veolia's robust capabilities to the U.S. government and across the North American nuclear industry. VNSFS is a subsidiary of Veolia Nuclear Solutions, backed by thousands of employees across the globe and and dedicated to providing solutions to the nuclear industry’s most challenging issues.

    Backed by Veolia Nuclear Solutions thousands of employees and patents, VNSFS delivers Veolia’s full suite of services and technologies. VNSFS is dedicated to providing solutions on nuclear, waste management, remediation and secure infrastructure challenges.

    Our integrated value chain includes a broad range of expertise, technologies, and engineering services:

    • Characterization & Measurement 
    • Liquid & Solid Waste Treatment
    • Remote Handling & Robotics
    • Engineering Services
    • Operations & Maintenance

    VNSFS has extensive background in managing and supporting large complex projects for the federal government, generally involving water or waste issues and frequently in high hazard environments where safety is the paramount concern. 


    Learn more:

    Veolia’s Nuclear Solutions is Veolia’s world-class player in nuclear facility clean-up and treatment of radioactive waste. We bring unique expertise and a broad range of capabilities in the nuclear clean-up field, with a broad integrated offering to our clients all over the world.
    Understanding the operations involved in decontaminating and decommissioning sensitive sites, particularly nuclear sites, is a key factor in development. We pay close attention to the inherent risks and effects of these operations for both people and the environment.
    With more than 450 employees working directly on client sites, VNSFS understands that safety procedures are vital. We use an Integrated Safety Management System, along with management and employee interaction and vigilence, to continue our stellar safety record. We foster a zero-accident environment that is based on prevention. Through top-down work planning procedures, safety is integrated into everything we do.

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