Remote Access Solutions

The breadth and depth of Veolia’s experience on challenging remote handling projects is unmatched across multiple industries. The effective delivery of our solutions have been used on some of the most publicized, mission critical projects worldwide such as those at Fukushima, Hanford and Sellafield. No company can demonstrate the expertise in developing field proven technologies in conjunction with project delivery execution like Veolia.

One of the most experienced teams in engineering, remote/robotic technologies and special tooling

We develop technical solutions from concept, to final design, fabrication, testing, and field deployment. To date, our team has leveraged its engineering capabilities to deliver more than 200 innovative remote systems, robotics and tools, as well as unique processes protected by patents and trade secrets. This skill set includes the development of robotic manipulators, inspection systems, specialty tools, waste handling systems, mobile waste treatment platforms and modular containment systems. Equipment is commonly custom-designed or modified to meet the needs of our clients’ for deployment in high-hazard environments where failure can result in significant safety concerns. Veolia prides itself on taking unique challenges with minimal to no answer and developing systems that result in practical, field-proven solutions.

Reducing worker risk by advancing remote solutions

Our driving passion is safety. This is why the Company invests so much time, resources and ingenuity to innovate new technologies to take people out of harm’s way when cleaning up hazardous materials.

Our remote access technologies and robotics eliminate human risk in the remediation of nuclear and hazardous waste in some of the most dangerous environments imaginable.

Fit-for-purpose engineering solutions and an agile, creative approach

Each radioactive or hazardous environment has a unique set of challenges related to cleanup, dismantlement or decommissioning. While remote access to such unique environments requires distinct solutions, fundamental knowledge  and problem-solving are often applicable from one project to another. That is why it’s critical to find a team that has solved similar problems before.

Our team works step-by-step and side-by-side with clients to design remote solutions to meet the needs of each project. And while each project may have its own distinct challenges, there are common threads through all of them:  Protecting the people involved, and the surrounding environment, from nuclear and hazardous waste.

In support of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) mission to remediate and restore U.S. Defense facilities, our access robotics and waste Separation & Stabilization technologies have been deployed with great effect.