Low-Level Radioactive Materials Processing

For over thirty years, Veolia has been providing a range of speciality services to the nuclear industry at its Wampum site, Pennsylvania. Strategically located near multiple utilities and other facilities in the nuclear industry, we are an ideal transfer site for soils and debris generated through decommissioning that are ultimately disposed of at a low-level disposal site. The facility is an OHSAS 18001 Certified facility. OHSAS 18001 is an internationally recognized occupational, health and safety management system series standard.

Veolia's mission is to minimize natural resources used. To that end, we repurpose waste streams where possible through reuse and recycling. By processing this way, we minimize waste streams to landfills. In this effort, nuclear waste handling protects our environment and saves our clients millions in costs and fees to landfill waste. 

Annually, Veolia processes over a million tons of radioactive material at this facility, including dry active waste, metals, soil, rubble and large components such as turbine rotors and large heat exchangers.

In addition to processing materials for disposal or recovery, Veolia's facility extends its NRC licenses as a service to several different companies in the nuclear space. These companies have valued partnerships with Veolia and bring their technical experts to Veolia's facility to work under its licenses.

Focus on Radioactive Waste Decontamination

Veolia Nuclear Solutions reviews and evaluates contaminated and/or potentially contaminated equipment and components.  If the radioactive constituents can be removed by decontamination and released for unrestricted use, these items may be recoverable assets for your company.

Using our Asset Recovery Program, our clients will realize measurable savings through reuse of their recovered equipment. The equipment can be reused for its original intended purpose as non-radioactive items, eliminating disposal and replacement costs.

Items that we regularly decontaminate include:

  • Lead blankets and other lead components.
  • Electrical equipment, such as controllers, relays, printed circuit boards, displays, printers, computers.
  • Scaffold, heavy construction equipment (backhoes, tractors, etc.)
  • We release equipment for unrestricted use based upon the limits set forth in Reg. Guide 1.86. If requested, we can release equipment to lower levels or no detectable activity.

Main services to our clients

Our main services include:

  • Licensed facility access – we own and maintain a Radioactive Materials License issued by the State of Pennsylvania, which is an NRC Agreement State.
  • Survey/decontamination – provide radioactive surveys and decontamination of various equipment and components
  • Low-level radioactive waste – includes processing and consolidation, volume reduction and sizing, decontamination
  • Motor shop – electric motor and pump decontamination, repair, refurbishment
  • Specialty coatings – NQA-1 and 10 CFR 50 Appendix B qualified coating systems

Veolia's facility

Veolia's facility offers over 150,000 square feet of indoor space and 15 acres of outdoor storage space, and is fully equipped to handle jobs of all complexity and size.  The facility has 60-ton and 125-ton overhead cranes, high bay areas, and maintains an integrated rail spur with a run-around and a private switch engine that runs directly into a 9,600 square foot operations building.

Innovative Solutions 

Veolia is a proven partner to the nuclear industry, thanks to its long history of service, compliance and innovative solutions.  

Veolia is proud to be a key business partner with NAC International. These kind of organizations have permanent, full-time operations at Veolia’s facility.  Veolia also provides these same services on an intermittent basis to many other nuclear services providers.

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Veolia provides these important nuclear services companies with various services, to include:

Operational, technical, and radiation safety support services

Administrative and office related support services​​

​Use of Veolia’s Radioactive Materials License