RETIINA™ - Fully immersive 3D interactive simulation technology

A simulated 3D environment to bring equipment and process to life in environments where humans can’t go.

RETIINA™ makes difficult tasks easy

RetiinaTM digital solution, includes VNS proprietary control software and interface as well as Tree C Technology VR4Robots® digital twin. Veolia and Tree C have been in partnership for over a decade. 

RETIINA™ is 3D real-time interactive visualisation technology to enable planning and undertaking of complex remote operations in hazardous environments using robotic equipment. With RETIINA™ you can de-risk robotic operations in hazardous environments through a safe virtual environment.

Fully functioning virtual mock-ups and digital twin technology ensure you drive the right tasks whilst capturing the optimum solution. 

RETIINA provides operators with a safe environment to fully develop, simulate, test, train, support and monitor work in environments where people should not go.

When clients come to us, they ultimately want to know the answer to the question, ‘What is possible, what can we do here? That answer can be simple or complex, but by utilizing RETIINA™ we can recreate their exact scenario in a safe, cost-effective manner that allows us to assess and better deliver solutions. The result: more efficient, effective remediation.
Chief Technical Officer

Why use RETIINA™?

When tackling the most-difficult environmental challenges around the globe, the unknown is always one of the biggest impediments to success. Put that together with handling highly hazardous waste such as radiated materials and situational and operational knowledge becomes all the more mission critical.

RETIINA™ is all about risk reduction by offering a safe test environment for complex nuclear remote-handling engineering projects and a real-time representation of these same projects once they go into the field.

Fully immersive 3D interactive simulation technology

The Features

A Safe Solution

RETIINA provides operators with a safe environment to fully develop, simulate, test and support work in environments where people should not go.  

A project life cycle solution

RETIINA™ offers excellent support for the complete project life cycle. Throughout a project, RETIINA™ supports task development, equipment design optimization, operator training and actual site operations - all with a fully interactive solution.

A time saving & cost efficiency solution

RETIINA™ makes difficult tasks easier by helping design procedures, testing, and training programs in a virtual environment.  This saves time, and improves cost efficiency which increases the likelihood of success for complex decommissioning projects.

An end-to-end and precision solution

RETIINA™ provides a virtual representation of an environment and accurately simulates equipment interacting with site conditions and constraints. This capability is invaluable to the most challenging projects in hazardous environments and can be rapidly configured and delivered to client requirements regardless of the conditions.

The Solution


Real Time simulation technology that mimics the position, behaviour and physical interactions of complex systems that also allows for bespoke interfaces with the Veolia Toolkit and selected hardware.

The Human Machine Interface

That is customised and validated for each project, offering the Graphical User Interface and control software for Robot control.

Operational Management System

Which is an interactive operational instructions database, capturing knowledge and information during the project lifecycle as well as controlling the live operations process.