• Axel De Saint Quentin
    Chief Financial Officer of VNS
  • Christine Lucas-Lamouroux
    Chief Executive Officer of VNS
  • Corinne Jamot
    Chief Compliance Officer and Data Protection Officer of VNS
  • François Parot
    CEO for VNS France and Continental Europe
  • Hélène Deniau
    Director of Methods and Performance of VNS
  • Jean François Nogrette
    CEO for France Zone & Special Waste Europe of Veolia
  • Jeyanthan Dasan
    Chief Information Officer of VNS
  • Jon Halladay
    Managing Director of VNS UK
  • Katerina Rambure
    QHSSE Director of VNS
  • Kazou Sakai
    Chief Executive Officer of VNS Japan
  • Scott Martin
    Managing Director of VNS North America
  • Simon Delavalle
    Deputy Chief Technical Officer of VNS
  • Steve Moore
    CEO of VNS - Federal Services in the U.S.
  • Valerie Bielstein
    Communications Director of VNS