Health and Safety

Understanding the operations involved in decontaminating and decommissioning sensitive sites, particularly nuclear sites, is a key factor in development. We pay close attention to the inherent risks and effects of these operations for both people and the environment.

As part of this effort, and in compliance with the targets defined by the Veolia group, our Quality, Safety, Security and Radiation Protection Policy commits us to a continuous process with all stakeholders, based on:

The skills and experience of company staff

Understanding technical and organization procedures

The permanent improvements policy for these skills and processes

Safety first

The safety of our employees, clients and partners is Veolia’s primary concern. We strongly believe in making our employees aware of potential danger, safety rules and regulations. 

We insist that all employees:

Follow all safety rules and regulations, which are pertinent and necessary to their positions

Conform to safe work practices

Commit to completing all safety-related training and certification programs

Safety is everyone's responsibility

Employees control occupational risk prevention for themselves but also for their colleagues. At Veolia, we are committed to involving employees in health and safety initiatives and reporting, as well as the development of more reliable safety practices.

We encourage employees to incorporate health and safety principles into everything they do and to learn to detect behavior that presents risk. We believe that everyone has a part to play in the chain of responsibility, which will enable us to further reduce accidents at work and away from work.