Veolia Nuclear Solutions operates radiological laboratories in the U.S. and France. We have all of the resources required to perform onsite operations for clients based on recognized expertise in characterization and measurements.
The breadth and depth of Veolia’s experience on challenging remote handling projects is unmatched across multiple industries. The effective delivery of our solutions have been used on some of the most publicized, mission critical projects worldwide such as those at Fukushima, Hanford and Sellafield.
Veolia Nuclear Solutions develops effluent treatment systems to separate and remove radioisotopes from the most challenging effluent streams. A comprehensive package of best in-class technologies are used to resolve the most complex radiological wastewater challenges.
For over thirty years, Veolia has been providing a range of speciality services to the nuclear industry at its Wampum site, Pennsylvania. Strategically located near multiple utilities and other facilities in the nuclear industry, we are an ideal transfer site for soils and debris generated through decommissioning that are ultimately disposed of at a low-level disposal site. 
GeoMelt® vitrification destroys organic wastes and immobilizes radionuclides and heavy metals in an ultra-stable glass similar to obsidian and typically 10 times stronger than concrete.
Veolia Nuclear Solutions is involved in managing and operating nuclear facilities treating radioactive waste. We have acquired experience over several years, combined with nuclear safety expertise in Europe, Japan and the United States.