Dexter is a Veolia Nuclear Solutions remote manipulator system developed from the Mascot system used by the Joint European Torus (JET) facility for over 20 years. It is similar to a standard Master-Slave Manipulator (MSM) in that it provides high degrees of dexterity and instantaneous force feedback.
Invaluable to the most challenging projects in hazardous environments, Retiina provides a virtual representation of a site and accurately simulates the equipment interacting with this environment.
Veolia Nuclear Solutions has developed several classes of Ion Specific Media (ISM) to target and remove radioactive isotopes (cesium, strontium, technetium, iodine and among others) from aqueous solutions.
Veolia Nuclear Solutions has designed and produced specialty mobile systems to complement fixed columns using ISM® substrates. This mobile treatment system, known as KMPS®, can be used for the rapid implementation of ISM® substrates in tanks which are too remote from the water treatment units, avoiding an influx of contaminated liquids.
Tritium Is a radioactive form of hydrogen. The economical removal of Tritium from light water was deemed impossible until Veolia Nuclear Solutions changed the paradigm.
Veolia Nuclear Solutions’ GeoMelt® technologies are a group of vitrification processes that are configured in a variety of ways to meet a wide range of radioactive and hazardous waste treatment and remediation needs.
Veolia Nuclear Solutions has designed a Modular Vitrification System (MVS®) to stabilize liquid waste, while GeoMelt® is ideal for solid waste and debris.