Why choose Veolia Nuclear Solutions?

We offer a broad range of expertise in the nuclear and environmental sectors, unique technological solutions, world-class experience in complex operations, risk mitigation and management discipline. We do this through a dedicated commitment to performance and safety worldwide.


Responding to your specific back-end challenges with unique added-value

Our added-value:

a broad range of expertise in the nuclear and environmental sectors

unique technological solutions, deployed globally, delivered and executed locally

standalone capability in hazardous waste and pollution treatment

world-class experience in complex nuclear operation- risk mitigation and management expertise

Schema Nuclear Solution

Proven expertise and state of art technologies

In country understanding and experience

Broad capacity for Innovation and Development

Our strengths: Optimizing our offer to deliver maximum client value while minimizing the risks


Minimizing workers’ exposure to radiation

More accurate understanding of initial data

Use of remote access systems


Application of innovative, proven technologies

Sustained through continuous R&D and innovation

Constant evolution of new approaches and technologies



On-site handling and volume reduction

Optimize sorting, packaging and transport cycle time

Recycling of materials