An integrated offer for the Nuclear Industry

An offering within Veolia for the nuclear industry focused on facility clean-up and treatment of radioactive waste.

Veolia Nuclear Solutions includes the most comprehensive range of technologies and services for facility restoration, decommissioning of plants, and the treatment of radioactive waste, all nurtured by our nuclear experts and backed by thousands of Veolia staff worldwide.

An offer for the benefit of our clients

Our integrated value chain includes a broad range of expertise, technologies and services, including:

  1. Characterization and measurement
  2. Remote handling and robotic solutions
  3. Liquid and solid waste treatment
  4. Operation and maintenance


Our synergies with other Veolia activities

Veolia Nuclear Solutions, in addition to our core nuclear offer, can provide the complete range of Veolia solutions to the nuclear industry, including:

  • water treatment (Veolia Water Technologies)
  • toxic waste treatment (SARPI)
  • remediate polluted soils (GRS Valtech)
  • provide services for industry (SODI)

Veolia Nuclear Solutions delivers high-quality expertise and services to its clients through a commitment to performance and safety.