VNS Shines at WNE

The fifth edition of World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris

Veolia Nuclear Solutions was a major player in the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris, where we presented our nuclear sector technologies and solutions to over 20,000 participants and stakeholders from around the globe.

Our team’s 72m2 stand provided augmented and virtual reality experiences to workshops and contract signings, offering attendees a truly immersive and one of a kind experience. We have included highlights below: 

The Ice Sculpture of the atom had GeoMelt® paperweights embedded within to showcase that whilst other elements decompose the waste that's encased in the GeoMelt® glass is safe for thousands of years.

Augmented Reality: Revolutionising Nuclear Measurement and Characterisation Solutions

One of the highlights of VNS's presence at the WNE was the promotion of our nuclear measurement and characterisation solutions, featuring the ground breaking Neomab concept - a mobile nuclear laboratory. This state-of-the-art technology ensures paramount safety and precision while revolutionising efficiency and accuracy in the nuclear industry.

Virtual Reality: Immersive Experiences in Fukushima and GeoMelt Andrews

VNS utilised virtual reality to provide visitors with an immersive experience, allowing them to explore VNS's work in Fukushima and GeoMelt Andrews. Participants virtually entered Unit No. 2 at Fukushima, witnessing VNS's articulated arm system (PCVI) in operation as it skilfully navigated and explored the reactor's environment. Additionally, attendees could take a virtual tour of VNS's GeoMelt Andrews site in Texas, gaining insight into our batch vitrification process technology, which encases nuclear material in glass for long-term safety.

Workshops: Showcasing Revolutionary Technological Solutions

VNS played a pivotal role in two dedicated workshops during the exhibition. The first workshop focused on UMTEC, a ground breaking technological solution for water treatment within the nuclear industry. The second workshop highlighted VNS's Dounreay SiP project, which employs long ops solutions to assist with the clean up of the site in Scotland.

Contract & Partnership Signings

NAAREA Partnership: VNS signed a partnership with NAAREA, an organisation striving for energy sovereignty and decarbonization through the reuse of long-lived nuclear waste. VNS and NAAREA will collaborate on treatment and immobilisation processes for special waste and decontamination of metallic and ceramic parts, utilising VNS's expertise in industrial processes, particularly robotics.

EDF Contract Signing: The highly anticipated VD4 900 contract signing between VNS and EDF took place during the WNE. The contract involves VNS designing, manufacturing, and installing mobile units for the treatment of contaminated water in the event of a nuclear accident, significantly reducing environmental impact.

Siteflow Announcement: VNS UK announced their partnership with Siteflow, utilising their software to enhance the design, execution, and functionality of their remotely operated systems in the nuclear industry and hazardous environments. The software will be instrumental in testing VNS's new generation robotic arm, a cutting-edge solution for nuclear maintenance and the decommissioning process of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Showcasing Versatility and Success: Using various technological mediums, VNS successfully presented projects such as the DPit at Fukushima, their capabilities as a nuclear operator, and their pioneering water treatment technology UMTEC. VNS also participated in roundtables hosted by Reel and Boccard, further highlighting Veolia's remarkable achievements in the nuclear sector.

In Conclusion: The World Nuclear Exhibition provided an outstanding platform for VNS to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to safety, sustainability, and innovation in the nuclear industry. Through our participation, VNS developed and established valuable connections, engaged in meaningful conversations, and left lasting impressions on industry professionals and stakeholders. These interactions further solidify VNS's position as a leader in the nuclear sector and opened doors for potential collaborations and future opportunities.