Veolia Nuclear Solutions progresses to next stage of Nuclear Waste "Sort and Seg" Competition

Veolia Nuclear Solutions are delighted to be one of 5 companies who have progressed through to the next phase of a £5.5 million radioactive waste segregation competition.

The award was announced in September on the website. You can read the full announcement here.

Head of New Ventures at Veolia Nuclear Solutions UK, Mike Moulin-Ramsden says:

“We are delighted the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has chosen Veolia Nuclear Solutions’ project to move forward to the next stage in its nuclear waste “Sort and Seg” competition. It is a recognition of our team’s pioneering work in the development of robotic and remote handling solutions to address the broad range of hazardous waste challenges faced around the globe.

The transfer and integration of technology from other sectors through projects like this are critical to addressing the nuclear industry’s unique challenges, allowing for the use of modern technologies and automation to make the sorting and segmentation of nuclear waste faster, cheaper, and safer. We look forward to completing this next phase of the competition, in which the Veolia Nuclear Solutions team, with support from it's partners, University of Lincoln, Faculty Science Ltd, Createc Ltd and Mott McDonald will build a demonstration version of its automated nuclear waste sorting system for demonstration to stakeholders. This will allow the team to showcase its approach, which emphasizes allowing waste operators to tune the level of automation applied based on the specific characteristics of the waste challenge being faced, whilst making it easy for skilled professionals to take over tasks remotely and safely if required. “