Leading influencers in the global radioactive waste industry descend on the 2017 WMS

When the leading influencers in the global radioactive waste industry descend on the 2017 Waste Management Symposia (WMS) in Phoenix this week, they’ll have a lot to talk about. From the latest trends and developments in radioactive waste management and disposal, to cutting-edge technologies and project updates from around the globe, the conference promises to again be the premier international gathering of professionals throughout the industry.
Against this backdrop, Veolia Nuclear Solutions is poised to garner significant attention at WMS 2017 as it highlights its newly unified, world-class nuclear operations under the Veolia brand. Combining the industry-leading operations of Veolia’s Kurion, Alaron and Asteralis businesses, Veolia Nuclear Solutions includes the most comprehensive range of technologies, expertise and services dealing with facility restoration, decommissioning and the treatment of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste.

The Veolia Nuclear Solutions team will have a major presence at WMS 2017, and will be led by CEO William Gallo, Billy Morrison, president of Veolia Nuclear Solutions’ federal services business, and new addition David Campbell, senior vice president of the federal services business. We sat down with Mr. Morrison to discuss Veolia Nuclear Solutions and the company’s plans for WMS 2017.

Q: Tell me about the Veolia Nuclear Solutions offering; how does it set the company apart from its peers?

Billy Morrison
A: Veolia set a path to become the significant solution provider in the U.S nuclear market last year with the acquisition of Kurion. Kurion is a recognized technical service leader with proven best-in-class capabilities in the areas of separation, stabilization and remote-handling technologies. Combined with Veolia's vast capabilities in the water, waste, and energy sectors, and backed by the strength of 175,000 employees and a $26B-per-year financial portfolio, the company is poised to provide the US Department of Energy (DoE) and the US Department of Defense (DoD) a comprehensive offering in dealing with some of the most challenging environmental threats this country faces. Veolia Nuclear Solutions is the only player able to offer a complete and integrated value chain in nuclear facility clean-up and treatment of low-and intermediate-level radioactive waste.

Q: What’s your message and outlook coming into WMS 2017?

A:  This year is certainly one of change, with new leadership for the country and across-the-board changes at many federal departments. The tone in Washington suggests a move toward deregulation, increased infrastructure spending and closer scrutiny of projects that are significantly over budget. On whole, these priorities should benefit the Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), both from a mission-effectiveness perspective and through increased appropriations to support infrastructure programs. Additionally the Department of Energy has worked collaboratively with the contracting community to streamline the acquisition management process and incentivize contracts in a way that will help deliver desired results while appropriately rewarding performance.
All of these factors, combined with the significant number of major procurement actions scheduled for the next few years makes it an exciting time for Veolia Nuclear Solutions to be entering this market.

Q: What’s your strategy for properly positioning Veolia for the upcoming major US DoE procurement decisions?

A: It's no secret that as a company in the nuclear market, it all starts with being able to bid and win work. To win that work, a company needs to pick the right acquisition targets and the right partners, but also has to be able to score well against the evaluation criteria on individual bids. We have hired an industry leader, David Campbell, to lead our Business Development effort and look to exploit our value proposition as a world leader in the design, deployment, and operation of infrastructure services, as well as to highlight our unique technical solutions to expedite the risk reduction of some of the most severe environmental hazards. 

Q: What can your client's and partners expect when working with Veolia Nuclear Solutions?

A: For our clients, we have a simple but crucial mission: deliver results. We will always place the right leadership in a given situation to ensure that the government gets the best Veolia Nuclear Solutions has to offer, and we'll make use of all corporate reach-back resources to resolve new issues that arise during the course of project execution. Our partners can expect us to work in a professional and collaborative way, putting priority on project performance over parochial needs.
Ultimately, clients and partners will see a company that will earn their trust for how we do our business, and competence in how we deliver results.

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