Advanced Approaches to Nuclear Measurement and Characterisation

Last month DR. Gareth Peel, Director of Waste Management, VNS and Julien Robert,  Laboratory Director and Technical Manager, VNS Europe hosted a webinar on "Advanced Approaches to Nuclear Measurement and Characterisation". In this webinar they discussed the topic of new techniques and approaches that can help reshape the future of nuclear measurement and characterisation, ensuring a safe and sustainable path for the UK's nuclear industry.


The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) have highlighted the pressing need for innovative and new solutions to address the growing demand for nuclear measurement and characterisation in the UK. With the Magnox decommissioning programme underway and the challenges of ageing labs, the demand for nuclear facilities and expertise is set to rise significantly. In this context, it is essential to address whether the existing infrastructure and available resources are capable of coping with increasing requirements.

Challenges Facing the Sector:

The sector faces several challenges that must be addressed to ensure effective nuclear measurement and characterisation capabilities:

  • Insufficient capacity in existing infrastructure to meet rising demand.
  • The need for accredited personnel with specialised expertise
  • Outdated equipment and labs that may not be equipped to handle current and future challenges.
  • Associated costs that need to be considered to meet resource and infrastructure requirements.
  • Difficulties in transporting and disposing of radioactive samples, posing logistical hurdles.

In this webinar Veolia Nuclear Solutions, a leading expert in the nuclear measurement and characterisation field, will discuss and address these challenges. The agenda includes;

  • Assessing the Current UK Situation: Analysis of the nuclear measurement and characterisation landscape, identifying key gaps and needs.
  • Lab Capabilities and Qualifications: Highlighting the importance of accredited labs with state-of-the-art instrumentation and qualified personnel to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Applications Across the Nuclear Lifecycle: Exploring various applications, from site monitoring to decommissioning planning, to demonstrate the importance of accurate nuclear measurements at each stage.
  • Waste-Led Decommissioning and Characterisation: Emphasising a waste-led approach, showcasing the significance of characterising waste to streamline decommissioning processes.

VNS will tap into the knowledge of its nuclear measurement laboratory experts and from across Veolia Group to introduce effective solutions to the sector's challenges. This webinar offers attendees a unique opportunity to gain insights into innovative solutions that cater to the escalating nuclear measurement and characterisation demands in the UK.


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