The United States Department of Interior (DOI) Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) has chosen Veolia to operate and maintain the Paradox Valley salinity control facility

The contract from BOR, which runs until 2024 and has an approximate value of $9 million for baseline operations and maintenance, was awarded following a competitive bidding process. Billy Morrison, VNS-FS President & CEO, said the award underscores the company’s successful track record at the facility and its ability to leverage the Veolia Group’s broad expertise.

“This contract decision is a testament to the excellent performance of the team at the Paradox Valley facility. We thank the DOI Bureau of Reclamation for their confidence in Veolia Nuclear Solutions - Federal Services and look forward to continuing to operate and maintain this critical facility at the high standard our team has set,” Mr. Morrison said. “This result highlights Veolia Nuclear Solutions - Federal Services’ ability to provide best-in-class solutions to U.S. government agencies, and the broad range of capabilities, including the ability to handle significant hazardous waste challenges, that Veolia brings to the sector beyond just nuclear waste. Located near Bedrock, Colorado, the Paradox Valley facility is part of the broader Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Program to prevent an excess of salt from entering critical waterways.

The Paradox Valley facility prevents nearly 250 tons of salt a day, or up to 100,000 tons per year, from entering the Dolores River. A series of production wells along the river throughout the Paradox Valley collects the brine, which is then pumped to a temporary storage facility. Eventually, the brine is pumped to an injection facility then pumped under pressure to an injection well more than 14,000 feet below the surface. The Paradox Valley facility constantly operates to keep up with the brine. VNS-FS already operated the Paradox Valley facility, and consistently received exceptional performance evaluations from the client and has been praised for its safe and proactive approach to operations.

VNSFS Paradox Valley (111.69 KB)