EDF chooses Veolia's pioneering technological solution to reinforce its emergency water treatment systems

EDF has chosen Veolia's technological solution, in partnership with REEL, for the design, manufacture and installation of mobile units to treat contaminated water in case of a nuclear accident. This additional solution would drastically reduce environmental impact by treating on-site the primary circuit water stored in the reactor building tanks in the event of a pipe rupture. 

This new device is part of the safety modifications implemented by EDF to raise the safety level of its 900 MWe reactors up to EPR's levels. 

 This patented technology has been adapted to the French reactor context, and its implementation largely optimized thanks to the combination of Veolia's industrial know-how and REEL, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of special equipment for the nuclear industry. 

World leader in water technologies, Veolia has developed an innovative, adaptable and mobile solution. This pioneering water decontamination device, consisting of a system of interchangeable cartridges (filtration and adsorption) operating in closed-loop recirculation with the reactor building, is arranged in a set of mobile units. 

With its worldwide expertise in cutting-edge water treatment technologies, Veolia is proud to support EDF in developing and securing the nuclear power generation sector, which contributes to strengthening France's energy sovereignty. We are delighted with this new milestone in our fruitful collaboration with EDF, which follows the creation of Graphitech in 2019 and Waste2Glass in 2021.
Jean-François Nogrette
Senior Executive Vice President, France & Special Waste Europe
EDF's nuclear assets have chosen Veolia, the world expert in water and hazardous waste treatment, to benefit from proven technology that meets the exacting requirements of the nuclear industry. This new alliance between two French groups, leaders in their fields, illustrates the performance of French industry in cutting-edge sectors.
Cédric Lewandowski
EDF's executive director in charge of nuclear and thermal assets